Youtube Made Me Buy It!

I've been watching Lisa Elridge's makeup channel on youtube since my law school days. Her lovely manner, her beautiful accent, and the gorgeous way she did makeup both on herself and her various models was both soothing and inspiring. Ms Eldridge is a proper makeup artist, working with big fashion magazines and A list celebrities for red carpet events and photoshoots, but her personality is so warm and inviting she's impossible not to like!

Some years back, Lisa Eldridge launched a beautiful line of rings. Although too pricey for me, I loved watching her video on thought behind every aspect of their creation and the process it took to actually bring the product to market. So when Lisa Elridge released her first line of lipsticks, I was all ears. Jewels are costly, but surely I could splurge on a lipstick. Alas her first collection (a range of reds) sold out so quickly I never even had a chance to be tempted. Recently however she did a collection of pinks, and as luck would have it I was online right when she posted a video announcing the new lipsticks. I watched the launch video twice, added my choice to my shopping cart, and checked out!

About two weeks later my package arrived. Inside was my lipstick, a beautiful pinky coral called "Golightly". I love the nod to Breakfast at Tiffany's, and I love this color! The formula is emollient but not so creamy the lipstick slides around, pigmented but not drying and not prone to settling into lip lines, and neither matte nor shiny but rather a very comfortable natural satin. It really does feel like wearing nothing at all. The lipstick bullet itself is embossed with her emblem, an L that turns into a pair of lips, which Lisa drew herself! The lipstick tube itself is a sort of matte gold, weighty but not stupidly heavy; rather it's just solid enough to feel luxurious. The tube is also magnetized, which means when you close the lipstick there's a very satisfying feeling and a little click. I love it!

The top swatch is one swipe, the bottom swatch is two swipes!

Beauty youtubers releasing makeup collaborations or their own makeup lines is nothing new, and I can't count the number of launches I've seen over the years. However while the products have often been interesting, I've never been tempted to buy into these releases. Partially, it's because I've gotten too used to the free shipping that Sephora and other big retailers offer. But another big factor is that it always feels like a risk; small companies rarely have the sort of return policy that allows me to purchase makeup without worrying too much that I'll get stuck with something that doesn't suit me without being able to return it. However with the Lisa Eldridge lipstick, I was 100% certain that her product would totally live up to her reputation for quality and flawless execution, and I'm really happy that my faith was not misplaced. I really hope she releases a range of nude shades someday!

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