Louis Vuitton on the Last Day - NYC Trip part 5

Writing up my adventures has been almost like re-living the entire trip all over again, and now that I'm writing the last post it's almost like leaving again... a little sad! Still, that bittersweet feeling is actually a good thing because it's lovely to go on a trip and a have really enjoy it; imagine what a waste it would be to go on a trip and have a rubbish time and regret going! No regrets here, nope nope!

Monday (Memorial Day!) was my last day in NYC. Well actually only a half day, because I was due to leave right around lunchtime. Even though we woke up around 7am and thus had plenty of time, Y and I didn't want to run around and have a hectic morning, so instead we decided to just chill. We had an unhurried breakfast, talked and did our our makeup, after which I started to pack. I'm so so proud that not only did I pack only one tote for my weekend in NYC, I also left with only one tote! Despite the additional items I had purchased (clothes, makeup, etc) I totally managed to repack all my things into my tote and include the new stuff as well. Thinking back on it now, I'm impressed with myself all over again!

Makeup done and bag packed, I couldn't stop thinking about those Ladurée croissants... the rose croissant in particular. So around lunchtime off to Ladurée we went! I ended up buying some more sugared almonds as well, because I really loved the taste of them and I wanted to make sure I don't run out before my next visit. I'm proud of myself for being able to content myself with devouring only one rose croissant instead of the dozen I desired (not that I could eat a dozen, the croissants are actually pretty large and filling so I'm guessing at most I could have eaten 2-3 of them and I probably would've felt uncomfortably full.) Sooooo delicious!

We walked past another gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana window display and this time my phone was fully charged and I wasn't in a rush, so I got to take photos and admire it to my heart's content. Seriously, how gorgeous is everything in this window? The rose buttons on the coat, the painted bags, the shoes... oh my! I've always been really partial to Dolce and Gabbana's brand aesthetic, I love the classic femininity present in many of their collections and how beautiful the pieces are. Even when they go in a quirkier direction, like the sculpted rose buttons and the rose shoes in this window display, the result is still beautiful and quite wearable. Would I wear the head-to-toe outfit from this window? Yes, yes I would, and feel fabulous doing so!

We also walked past a building with a very pretty exterior that bore a plaque proclaiming it to be "The Explorer's Club". Their Wikipedia page is pretty interesting to read if you dig down in the source links. I wish I could have seen inside, but it didn't seem like the sort of place one could just waltz in (although their Wikipedia page says certain rooms are open to the general public, so perhaps on another trip I might try to see if I can get inside!) They're famous for their annual dinner party, although that is definitely not something I'd wanted to attend as I'm not an extreme culinary adventurer!


The very last thing Y and I did before I was due to depart was to visit the Louis Vuitton boutique at Bloomgindale's. The motivation was partly because we had a little time to kill but also because I very much wanted to see a certain gorgeous bag in person. The Clapton Backpack in Magnolia (of course, I'd go for the pink!) has stolen my heart in recent weeks, although the price tag makes it a bag that I really should not be thinking about at all. Still... I was in New York, the store was literally right there, so why not take a peek inside and see if it made as favorable impression in person.

Big mistake. Huge. Colossal. It's gorgeous! I was really really hoping to walk into the boutique, see it, and be underwhelmed so that I could put it from my mind. Alas I touched the bag and instantly fell deeply in love. The canvas is quite thick but supple, and it's a roomy bag but not too big. The bag can be worn with the sides tucked in or untucked, which changes the shape of it in a very nice way. I also love that the convertible straps mean you can wear it 4 different ways: top handle only, shoulder strap only, crossbody style, and as a backpack! I mean really, it's like 4 bags in 1, so if you divide the price by 4 it's... well nevermind, it's still crazy. But if I could, I would in a heartbeat, because it's gorgeous.

And that, dear readers, was the end of my trip. I left my heart in New York (and in Louis Vuitton) and I had an absolutely wonderful time. Getting to spend so much time with Y was incredibly restorative, so going back home I felt really refreshed and well-rested. I can't wait for another visit! 

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