Cutting My Hair, the Sequel

As the old saying goes, when it rains it pours! Not content with the success of my efforts in cutting my bangs, this past Friday I did it again- I cut off my long hair! I had thought I was going to spend at least a month planning and researching, but nope! I woke up, had a cup of coffee and just went for it!

Here's the hilarious video I made of the process, but really (aside from all the false starts) it was actually quite quick and easy to do. I sectioned my freshly washed damp hair into four sections: two in the back that were the bulk of my hair, and two in the front. I used rubber bands in the back to make the hair easier to cut and also to give me a guide when cutting so that it would be at least vaguely even. Then in cut my front sections in smaller chunks, doing my best to match up the length to the back portions and being careful to cut the front pieces longer rather than shorter (especially important because I like to tuck my hair behind my ears).

I've been told the back line is quite straight and even :)

In the end I think my home haircut came out looking surprisingly decent! Over the course of the day I did do a little more snipping and fine-tuning as I noticed a few hairs that hung too long or random strands that weren't quite cut in line with the rest, but overall my initial rough cuts turned out to be pretty good and my further adjustments were very minute.

I love the freedom and weightlessness of shorter hair, and I'm rather pleased to have saved myself the $100 or so I would've spent if I went to a hairdresser. Granted, I'm no professional and my haircut is far from salon-perfect, but it turned out better than I thought it would and I would definitely do it again. Also, my mom loved the final look so I totally got to live out every child's fantasy of cutting their own hair AND having mom approve of the result!