So I Cut My Own Hair...

I woke up this morning and felt like a change. I've been wanting to cut my hair for at least 4 or 5 months now, but I've yet to pluck up the courage to actually go through with it. I love the freedom and weightlessness of short hair, but having long hair is a security blanket that can be hard to let go of! Sometimes it takes me a while to commit to a big chop (and I want a short blunt bob, which would be at least 8 inches gone if not more), so baby steps are required to get there. I do give myself at home hair trims (2-4 inches) all the time but this morning I felt like something more extreme... So I cut myself some bangs!

Of course all hair cutting had to take place in the bathroom, so forgive the funny lighting. This is the sacrificial lock! I didn't want bangs that are too thick or too whispy, so I just sectioned off about half an inch around the front of my hairline....

And snip! No turning back now! The front portion of my hair was already shorter than the rest due to grown out bangs from two years ago, but the first bit I cut off was still a good 9 inches long- and after that I trimmed off another 2-3 inches or so to get them shorter. I made the initial cut at chin length so that I could go slowly as I shortened them. Speaking from hilarious past experience, you never want to do your first cut anywhere near the center of your face because it'll always be shorter looking than you though it would be. Start at the chin and slowly work your way up. Also, use your absolutely sharpest scissors you have. I don't have real haircutting shears (which I know can be very pricey) but I do have a pair of scissors that I religiously use ONLY for haircutting and absolutely nothing else.

This is the finish (for now) result! Long-ish bangs which I point cut so that they wouldn't be super blunt and choppy. I may or may not trim them shorter still after my next hairwash and blowdry, but for now I'm comfortable with this length. I don't think I did too terribly, and when the time comes that I'm actually ready go into the salon for a full on haircut, my DIY bangs will be grown out enough that the hairdresser can do a proper job.

(And before you ask, yes I'm wearing a tie-dye shirt. =) Yesterday my son and I had a fun tie-dye playdate with some friends, and today I'm very happily wearing mine. It's all pastel colors, achieved by washing the dye out right away instead of letting it sit for hours. Purple, blue and pink!)


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