Coach Shenanigans

Despite all my efforts to thoroughly research my purchases before I click "buy", sometimes it happens that I get tripped up by something as simple as color. In my Coach bag post, I had the Coach Cassie on my mind in that beautiful cream & tan colorway. And then some time later (and quite unexpectedly!) I was browsing Bloomingdale's website and a combination of sales, rewards points, and an unused Bloomies gift card all came together to make it possible for me to purchase her. Hurray!

Alas, the first bag I received arrived with a strange wobble in the top flap and I was so focused on arranging a return and replacement that I didn't really think about the bag itself. What would I wear it with... did it work with my existing wardrobe... did I actually like it in person? Alas, once the perfect replacement arrived and I started pondering these questions properly, I realized that I absolutely should not keep this bag. The Cassie itself is a gorgeous bag in terms of design and quality of construction, but this particular colorway just did.NOT.WORK. What I thought was white & tan or even cream & tan, turned out to be cream and a brownish color that is very hard to describe. It's a light brown, but too pink to be a proper tan. I'd say overall the color was more warm than cool, but it had an odd greyish undertone in there as well. So this bag pulled too cool to go any of my brown/natural/oatmeal sort of colors, but at the same time it pulled too warm to work with any of my cooler toned clothes (grey, black, etc) Literally the only thing I could pair this bag with was an all-white dress and white tennis shoes, and even then I wasn't happy because the color looked off when compared to my skin. I was so discouraged I didn't even take a photo of that ensemble. So what's a girl to do?

I bought the same bag in a different color! I thought long and hard about whether to get the blue version (again, with the two tones and a risk if it'll match my clothes) or the all-black (a much safer, if more boring, option) but in the end I was swayed by the fact that 1) the blue was on sale while the black was not, and 2) the blue has the Coach "C" lock which I rather like the look of design wise but the all-black version has a plain oval turnlock. Interestingly enough, if you purchase the Coach Cassie directly through Coach's website, the all black Cassie does have the "C" turnlock. There was no sale option at though, so Bloomingdale's is where this was going to happen (if at all).

Happily, the blue Cassie turned out to be a winner. I wear a lot of blue jeans and somehow all the blues of the bag fit right in with the blues that I'm usually wearing. Even with a really warm colored top (like this dark sienna/mustard tshirt), I feel like the blues of the bag still work. So all's well that ends well; I've ended up with a bag I like, in a color I didn't already own, and at a better price than I initially thought I'd be paying. It just goes to show that having an open mind when shopping can lead you to unexpected but cool purchases. :)

Don't judge me on the boots, they weren't a great idea with either these bags and I see that now....

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